Saturday, 9 January 2016

Winter Break

  Happy new year! This was supposed to be my first post of this year but got delayed because we went on a holiday during which I could not publish any of my december posts! Anyhow, I'm just back from our winter vacation and I'm feeling happy that all of us (all the family members) got to spend time together. It was a welcome break from our mundane life. We had planned for a three-day outing to Punjab but ended up spending a week there. We made it to Dharamshala as well from there. The weather was also very kind, not being too cold, we could enjoy our stay thoroughly! 

  During this vacation Abi enjoyed the most. He met 'Baabi didi' for the first time and became her earnest fan. Whatever she did or wanted, Abi too did or wanted to do that. There came a time that the poor girl got so frustrated! Then her granny reminded her of how she wanted a younger brother or sister to which she replied - "if this is what younger siblings do then I do not want one"! So one can imagine how much Abi enjoyed himself!

  The best part of the whole stay was that Abi learnt so many things, like how to eat on his own, fight, play, adjust with children. At home he is always surrounded by adults. He has been introduced to new games on mobile, toys and gadgets by Baabi didi. Now he wants them all too! It was wonderful watching him follow didi all the time and trying to imitate her. It so amazing to see how children learn new things quickly.

   When we started packing for our return at the end of the three days, Abi simply refused to come back with us! So then we made an impromptu decision to extend our trip! All in all it was a wonderful trip. The credit for this trip goes to my daughter for planning it and our dear hostesses, especially Baabi for making it so enjoyable. 

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