Saturday, 2 January 2016

Abi's fascination for 'shaadi'

     Ever since we got the invite for the marriage of our family friend, Abi has been super excited about attending it. We exploited his excitement to our advantage to feed him or make him wear his sweater for the whole week! Of late he has been fascinated by the word 'shaadi'. One day while having his meal I made him wear his serviette around his neck and he said it was just like a 'mala' and Abi is getting married!!! I do not know from  where he learnt that but I too played along saying that we all sing, dance, laugh and eat (never miss an opportunity to use the word eat) during a marriage. He was so charged up about attending this wedding that he went around telling people that he is going for a "shaadi" and that "mein bhi shaadi karunga" (I will get married)!!!!!!!!!

     On the D-day we started our journey in time but it took longer than we expected. The time for the departure of 'barat' was running out as it was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. So we started mentally preparing Abi that we might not be able to join the band baaja (which is the highlight of weddings for him) but we will still manage to sing and dance. Surprisingly he did not let that spoil his spirit. He said that he was fine with singing and dancing and he is going to get married! Through the travel we had to keep explaining to him that small children do not get married. After a lot of persuasion he finally agreed not to get married now - phew!!

     On reaching the venue we came to know that 'barat' is yet to start and we happily joined them. Abi saw everything from the godhi (horse of the bridegroom) to patakas and his favourite band bajaa.  Though he refused to dance as uninhibitedly as he does at home, he stood beside us and kept shaking his legs. After the barat reached the venue, to his delight there were folk musicians with local drums and instruments which continued to play all night! The music, the colourful crackers, the dancing  - it was an overwhelming experience for the little one and he enjoyed himself so much, I couldn't imagine.

    The happy ending for me was that they served pasta as one of the dishes for dinner and when he saw his favourite pasta, he was so happy. He said," dekha, shaadi main pasta bhi milta hai" (see, you get pasta in marriage also!).  Thankfully he did not start asking to get married again! This was his maiden North Indian "band baaja baraat" marriage function and he enjoyed it thoroughly!

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