Monday, 4 January 2016

Vaapas kaise Jaaye??

 It has been more than a week since we stepped out of our gate (not even to school ) as Abi has not been well. One day, he was feeling a bit better and the sun was very kind, so we ventured out. I told Abi that after he has his breakfast we will go out today (which he calls ghoomi-ghoomi). He was quite excited as we live in this small town and we hardly go out. If at all we do then it is to buy something which cannot be delayed. Otherwise we do our shopping only when we go to Jaipur or Delhi as we hardly get anything of our choice here.

We went to a temple which is about 30 km from our place and the road is bad. I was not aware of both these facts and I did not ask my daughter as I had an agenda in going to this temple and I knew she will not like it. Someone told me that praying to this 'mata' will cure any body of cough. I'm not superstitious, but seeing Abi suffer for such a long time, in spite of the medication, I decided to go to the temple.

After about 45 minutes drive from our place we reached there. It was a small temple. Nobody was there (thankfully). It took us 5 minutes to pray  and we were back in the vehicle. Abi asked me,'where are we going?' I said we are going back home. To my surprise, he started crying, saying 'abhi toh ghoomi ghoomi nahi gaye hai hum aur kuch kharida bhi nahi, vapas kaise jayenge?'! 

It totally slipped my mind that for Abi "ghoomne jaana" has become synonymous with buying toys or chocolates! We had a tough time in explaining to him that there are no shops here so how we can buy anything? We went around the village showing him that there are no shops where he can buy something for himself. Very reluctantly he sat in the car pressing his face on the window to keep a look out.. unfortunately he could not find any and he gave. By then he was tired and slept off. Vaapas aise hi aa gaye!

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