Monday, 11 January 2016

Beginning of the winter bloom..

   About a month ago, we had a worrying and tiring time. Abi had not been keeping in good health and after trying a cocktail of home remedies, homeopathy and antibiotics, after almost 2 weeks his health started improving with great difficulty. During this time, we missed our classes, that too two papers of his half yearly exams.

   Since we did not send him to school on the first day of falling sick, every consecutive day he was so anxious about it that he kept asking 'soh kar uthne se Sunday aa jayega'? (if I sleep and get up,will it be Sunday? He knows Sundays are no school days!). When we asked him to brush his teeth, wash, change or eat, he would ask 'iske baad school jana hai kya'? At every step I had to explain to him that he is not well so he will not be going to school. Naanu also told him that he will not be sent to school as he is not well. Only after being completely assured on all fronts would he do as I asked him to! 

   Next morning as soon as he got up he would tell me, 'dekho naani, meri tabiyat theek nahi hai, isliye main school  nahi jaunga' aisa naanu ne bola hai (I'm not well so I'll not go to school, naanu said)! Meanwhile once I went to school leaving Abi behind as his mother was at home. When he saw me getting ready, he asked me where I was going? I told him that I was going to school. Pat came the reply - 'okay, aap toh school jao aur A,B,C,D... seekh kar aana' (ok, you go to school and learn A,B,C,D and come).  

   During this troubled week the only good thing was that we could sit out in the winter sun, enjoy the sunlight and the beautiful flowers blooming in our garden. Once Abi was better enough to step out, we went around clicking photos of them and Abi also learnt some of the flowers names. On the weekend when his dad was here, he taught his father a few names of the flowers too! The cutest thing in the world is to hear this little boy slowly and carefully tell his father - " ye yellow flower chrys-an-the-mum hai"!

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