Monday, 7 March 2016

What my legs say..!

   It was another morning, the same mundane routine of me waking up Abi and his best efforts to try and avoid getting up from the bed, try skipping milk, yet another effort not to wear his uniform. Neither of us get tired of doing this. Most of the time he tries the same excuses but sometimes he comes up with such fantastic ideas to escape going to school. After I joined school and started going with him, he did show some improvement and we went to school without much fuss. But of late he has started the same old process of endless excuses again.

   Two days back what he said made me laugh till my stomach pained. With a lot of effort I woke him, took him to the bathroom. After brushing he tells me, "naani, I will drink milk and go back to sleep"(main doodh pee kar so jaoonga). I asked him why. Keeping a straight face he tells me, "mere pair bol rahe hai ki aaj school mat jao kyunki unko dard ho raha hai"(my legs are telling me not to go to school because they are paining)! 

   Somehow regaining myself, I explained to him that he does not have to walk, I will carry him to the vehicle and to the class also. Very reluctantly he agreed, but with a condition that he will sit on my lap even in the car.

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