Saturday, 5 March 2016


The year 1986. The alarm rings at 5:45. The working mother gets up and rushes through the usual morning chores from waking up all the other members of the family to making their breakfast and packing lunch for everyone. But all of them put together are not half as difficult as the single task of waking up an youngster! In the middle of rushing around to finish cooking and getting ready, I would try to wake my daughter up to get ready but each time I called out to her, she would say, 5 minutes ma, please! This would go on till the time I left.  Most of you can rewind your memory, I'm sure most mothers would agree with me.

The year 2016. The alarm rings at 6:45. I get up and do my morning chores much more leisurely as I have more helping hands now and my school is just 5 minutes walk from my house. But even 30 years later, when I wake up my li'l one for school at 7:30, PAT comes the reply - "5 minutes, naani please, paanch minute aur sojaun naani" and after 5 minutes, another 5 minutes and on and on it goes till I lose my patience.

We all believe that with time, everything changes and it is true to some extent, but this one aspect of children does not seem to ever change.  Should I blame it on genes? Three decades down the line, the morning scene in my house has not changed even a bit!

 How I wake him up and get him ready for school is another story- all the tricks he tries to escape from going to school is something truly unbelievable!
And this is his style of sleeping!

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