Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Future Guiness Record Holder for Imagination!

      My li'l one is so innovative and quick in his thinking that I have almost stopped getting surprised. I really wonder, how, without even opening his eyes, he can keep fooling me like he is reading a story or something. After what seems like an eternity, he will oblige me by getting up and somewhat sitting in the bed. Then the next step towards my goal-making him drink his milk. I offer him the milk in his blue cup. Then the scene goes like this-
Abi: I will drink in the coffee bean cup (mein coffee bean wale cup se piyunga).
I get that cup and transfer it in that.
Abi: I want in the lined-glass (mein woh line-line wake glass se piyunga).
I give him that and ask him to hurry up.
Abi: No,no. I asked for the pink, kitchen set cup (mujhe toh kitchen set wala pink cup chahiye).
Controlling my anger and not wanting to create a scene in the morning hours, I get that cup . Then he will insist on transferring the milk from one cup to another himself. Finally, he will spill half and drink half and proceed to the next scene of action.

After experiencing this once, I thought I will outsmart him by bringing all his choice of cups and glass. So the next day, I went armed with everything in a tray and with a winning smile I woke him up. He half opened his eyes and saw the tray. Can you even guess what he said? I do not want any of these things. I will pour it my hand and drink (inmein se nahi piyunga, mein tho haath mein dalkar piyunga)!!! I was literally dumbfounded! It seems he has seen some people drinking water like that in school and used this as an excuse! I could not stop praising him for his timing.

In spite of all the anger and frustration at times, I look forward to his new inventions. I think that is what grand-parenthood is all about. I doubt, whether I would have enjoyed all these tantrums as a parent.

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