Sunday, 5 April 2015

Abi's Maiden River Water Adventure

  It was one of those rare opportunities where we could all plan to go out as a family for a weekend outing and even though our daughter had to spend some part of this time with a few school children (as a part of her job), all of us were very excited. Of course Abi, more than all of us because he loves going out and keeps saying "Ghoomi ghoomi chalo"! 

  On seeing my excitement, my daughter warned me of the bad road and the long distance. Even though that disheartened a travel sickness prone me a little, I put up a brave face and we set off to Ramgarh Fort. This Fort is located in the midst of a wildlife sanctuary by the same name - Ramgarh Sanctuary. Most part of the journey was good, but some stretches were really bad.   
  After the initial jumping around from lap to lap, eventually Abi went off to sleep. I pulled through most part of the journey listening to Army life anecdotes of my hubby and son-in-law and anxiously looking out of the window for wild animals. We were told that once upon a time, this used to be the abode of numerous tigers, but now only 1 remains. Our hard luck we did not get to see him.

    But once we reached the Fort we could see the forest's greenery all around us and a serene river running by. It has a great view and an abundance of natural beauty which makes it an inviting place. Basically the "Fort" was a rest house, built for the kings and their troupe who would come here to hunt centuries back. Today it is a nice get away place for our fast and busy life. All the tiredness vanished in no time. Abi had carried his 'gulel' (catapult) with him and spent his time trying to 'shoo' away the monkeys there! He is quite well accomplished in this art now for we have them in our garden as well!  

   We didn't go trekking or looking for wildlife because time was short and decided to simply relax in the Fort. But en route we had to cross the river Mez which was close to the Fort. On our way back, all of us walked in the river where it is  not very deep.Walking bare feet in the river brought back lots of childhood memories. It was a treat we enjoyed whenever me and my siblings went to our farm and spent many days playing around in the fields and water courses..
  Abi was very scared to enter the water at first. Clinging to his dad and holding mama's hand, slowly they made him stand in the running river water and sprinkled some water on him.That's all he needed! After that he splashed water on everybody relentlessly! One could see the mischievousness in his eyes. His happiness knew no bounds and he wanted more of it. So we took off his clothes and dunked him in nice and proper! He happily bathed in the river and refused  to come out. The onlookers went berserk clicking his snaps.
 A trip to cherish!

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