Friday, 17 April 2015

Mora Sham Rootha...

How fast children grow! Abi too is growing fast and has started trying to assert his independence these days. "Naani bhi jayegi" used to be his mantra earlier whether it was time to go to feed the pigeons / parrots or taking chapati for Cookie (our pet dog) in the morning. He would not go unless and until I accompanied him at least for a short while. It was the same whether he had to go to school or go cycling or to play in the garden or even to go to bed. Of course, here I accept that I enjoyed every bit of  importance given to me by him.

Yesterday all of a sudden he decided to do things on his own. After his usual bubble bath and juice, he declared ,"Abi ka toh ninni time hai, Abi aappuaap soyega,  naani nahin ayegi" (this is sleeping time, Abi will sleep on his own, naani will not come). I was taken aback at this sudden change in him because getting to go to sleep has been one of the toughest jobs till today!

Of late he has also developed a habit of dropping  things without any provocation. A few days ago, we had gone to one of our friend's house. We were all sitting at the dining table and discussing a painting. BANG! Suddenly we heard the sound of a crockery breaking. To our shock, it was Abi who dropped a quarter plate for no reason at all. We were so shocked and apologised to the host. Back home he did the same thing during dinner but luckily with a steel glass. I did  raise my voice and told him I'm cross with him as a punishment. He said 'sorry naani' and I forgot about it. Later on, his mother was explaining to him why he should not break things, how it can hurt him and mamma does not like it etc. She also said, if he does it again she will become Vidhushi's mother(friend's daughter) and not Abi's mother. He agreed that he will not do it again and said,"mamma chalo ninni karenge" Second shocker of the day! Usually I put him to bed or he would ask for both, mamma and naani.  Thinking that I'm indispensable, I asked him shall I come? Nahin! Yeh Abi ki naani nahin hai, Vidhushi ki naani hai - pat came the reply! I'm still wondering.. why did he say that? Mora Sham kyon rooth gaya? Or is it just a growing up phase?

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