Sunday, 26 April 2015


The train was at 10:35 pm. We had done our packing and waited for our daughter to come back from the office. With a heavy heart, I explained to Abi that we will be out for a few days and he was not very happy about it. But we could not help it as our house was being vacated by our tenant and we had to go to Ggn to look for a new tenant. Also, this was our first experience with tenants after renovating the house according to our taste. We were not planning to rent it out ever, but circumstances lead us to do so a few years back.. I was very anxious to know about the condition of my house which we had let out as a fully furnished accommodation. 

By noon the programme fizzled out. Our daughter told us that she had to go out for 2 days for some urgent work. Abi was having cold and cough. She suggested we continue with our plan and that she will take Abi along with her (8 hrs journey by road and that too at night). We could not agree with her because of Abi's health and so my hubby went to Ggn and my daughter, to attend her work leaving me and Abi at home.

Our SIL, who had visited our house a while ago had already warned us to expect the worst, knowing how particular I'm about my things and cleanliness etc. He was more worried about me than the house, but I thought he was exaggerating. But after seeing the house personally, my hubby was shocked to say the least. Between the two of us, he is way more considerate and liberal, but even he was terribly depressed after stepping into our beloved house. The occupants had surpassed all limits, he said and was so relieved that I was not there to see its condition. 

I was thinking back to when we decided to rent it, how nicely we cleaned the house, washed the curtains, colour washed the walls, polished the both rooms before handing the house over to them, even though it was well maintained  and in very good condition.  My immediate neighbour would vouch for it. In fact, she was so surprised at the work we were getting done for our tenants and asked me "Are you giving it on rent or is your own relative coming here to stay?". I thought if I give a sparkling house to my tenant, they will keep it that way and reciprocate when they have to vacate. ALAS!! I wonder why people cannot keep a house neat and clean? Whether it is one's own house or rented, its you and your family living there. Am I expecting too much?

 For almost three decades I lived in govt quarters. Not once I thought that it is not my house and I should not take care of it. Whenever I had the opportunity to meet the new occupants of the govt house we were vacating, they always expressed their happiness for getting such a well maintained house. As I sit here and pour out my feelings, my hubby is getting all the cleaning job done there in Ggn. Also looking for a tenant who can take care of the house in which they are living. AM I GREEDY...? Why is it so difficult to find someone who can take care of their own dwelling?

PS: Before we renovated and moved into our house after the retirement a few years ago, we had another tenant (who had to move out because we were moving in). I'm ever grateful to them for taking care of my house.

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