Friday, 10 April 2015


          We all say that children of today are too smart, sharp and intelligent than what we were at their age. Saying is one thing and seeing is (experiencing) another. It is simply amazing. Grand parents who are lucky to see their grand children grow would vouch for it. Abi never ceases to surprise us. He has to watch you doing something once carefully and within no time you will see him doing the very same thing! Most kids are like that I suppose?

          He is so computer savvy and at times it becomes very difficult to keep him away from it. Even before he started going to school his 'naanu' introduced him to computers (naanu spends all his time with his laptop) and Abi used to watch 'nursery rhymes'. Within a short span of time he learnt to switch on the laptop himself. At times there are 3 laptops in the house and the power buttons of them are at different places. Yet Abi knows how to switch on all of them without any body's help.

          Slowly he graduated to the level of entering the password (kept as asd for his convenience) and reaching the Desktop and then clicking the Google icon and opening a 'new tab' ! After the 'new tab' he needs our help. It becomes so difficult to say 'no' to him after all that he has done. He sure knows how to take advantage of that! Left to him, he can spend hours listening  and watching rhymes and stories on 'you tube'. We are trying to restrict that but it is way more difficult than we imagined.

 Today he added one more feather in his cap. We were watching a Tamil rhyme video. In that rhyme, he liked a word 'ada... appadiya?' (which means, is it so?) spoken by the dog. With out my help he moved the cursor to that particular place to listen to that word  repeatedly (rewind). Increasing the volume, enter and exit full screen and selecting a new video are not a big deal for him. He seems to have understood the meaning of the symbols. I do not even want to compare myself with him when I was of his age, in fact not even my daughter! Eagerly looking forward to more surprises. What next...?

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ammu said...

yes ma, he's growing up too fast!!!! Just waiting for the day he grows up enough to eat his own food without us threatening and coaxing him!

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