Tuesday, 31 March 2015


   Pooooooooooohhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! Finally the result for the play group is declared today. I went with Abi to school to collect it. More than the result I was eager to see other parents and the class teacher, how happy and excited they are about their own achievement (not the children). Even though the school can not detain any child till class 8, all the parents were so anxious to see the result!

   I think the vacation did him good. Although he was refusing to go to school in the morning initially and I had to bribe him saying that we will go 'ghoomi ghoomi' (which means outing) after the visit to school which I fulfilled after collecting his performance certificate. Then when we reached his school, surprisingly, Abi took my hand and guided me to his class with great pride! As soon as I sat on the chair, he left me with his teachers and  went off to play with the toys there. May be he missed them,  for he had holidays for the past ten days.I could see some changes in him today but I'm keeping my fingers crossed as the school is reopening on 6th April.   Here is the great certificate! (with name of school, teachers, etc omitted)

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Anonymous said...

Pappu is better than his Pappa !!!! 'A' Grade wala yeh akela hai aas paas ke Chaubees gaon mein !!!

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