Monday, 16 March 2015

Exam Fever Already!

Here is Abi's Date-sheet and Syllabus

EXAMINATIONS!  In the past, when I read these words I didn't give much importance to it. It only meant more work- question paper to be set, bundles of sheets to be checked and the result to be made. As a teacher I used to tell children, if you are up to date with your school work/studies, then you don't have to worry about exams. Exams or no exams, it will make no difference.  As a parent, it never mattered much to me as our daughter was in a boarding school. Thanks to that and the school, neither my daughter nor we as  parents had any such thing like 'exam fever'. I used to think all that is media hyped and over ambitious parents own creation.

LOL!!! Now I'm having EXAM FEVER! Abi is not even 3 years old and just in play school but his "play school" is having final exams from 16 to 21st of this month! The problem is, he is not willing to recite any poem or numbers at home. In fact he is not even ready to talk anything about school or studies. He knows most of his poems and recites them on his own will when he is in a good mood. But he refuses to do his home-work or open his 'All in one' book to read. If we compel  him to do any of his home work, he throws the note-book or turns his face away from the book. We thought he will show interest in his school activities slowly. But NO. In spite of  spending 9 months in school, its like the 'first day' even today. So we do not know how to make him prepare for his exam. Yes, exam fever exists.....

PS: It is another thing that I don't believe in conducting exams for such tiny tots.

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