Friday, 13 March 2015

Beautiful future in present

   Reposting this one because it seems to have vanished from my published posts!

The D-day  was on 27-02-2015. I had done the reservation 2 months in advance. Finished my packing much in advance. It was my best friend's son's wedding in which the girl is a south-indian(my country cousin). I myself have not seen a south-indian-brahmin wedding (the rituals) except in 2 States. So the excitement was double. The only hitch was I have travel sickness. But never mind the sickness, after all it is my best friend's son's wedding.. Finally the D-day arrived. We reached the station in time.

  As the train arrived (only 15 min late) my heart sank. The train looked so very dirty from outside. From my 35 years of travelling experience, I knew what to expect inside. Anyhow, I entered the bogey, (bogey no. was not written outside, confirmed it with occupants) looking for seat no-3. Lol! Seat was already occupied by an elderly couple. I had knots in my stomach. Another passenger was also a lady. The elderly couple was not able to explain properly so the other lady told me that they are travelling with their grand son and I should talk to him. As I waited for him to return from the pantry, my husband ran to find the TTE. He was worried as I was travelling alone. 

  By then the grand son came back and I told him they are occupying my seat. He said his grand mother can't climb up to the upper birth (the other lower birth belonged to another lady) and he had exchanged seats with some other people and they in turn with some body else(it was a little complicated). I didn't have the heart to claim my own seat and settled for the side birth as per their arrangement. It was time for the train to leave, my husband came with the TTE. I told them everything is fine and settled. 

   As we tried to strike up a conversation, the boy made some black tea for his grand parents and offered a cup to me also. Without even the customary 'no thank you' I had the tea and biscuits because I had already started feeling sick. It felt so nice after that and I slept off for 2-3 hours. It was only when I woke up and started chatting with them that I learnt that the old couple are the boy's nana-nani and he is accompanying them to their other daughter's place. I instantly thought of Abi. Throughout the journey the boy looked after his grandparents so well (not only them, but me also). It was a pleasure watching them and the 3 were a great company. It took me to another world where I could see Abi doing all that for us when he grows up. Throughout the journey I visualised the 3 of us (my husband,me and Abi) travelling to all sorts of places. I was so engrossed in my dream that I didn't realise when the train reached my destination (12 hrs journey). 

   Of course, he helped me to get down at the station and stood with me till my friend caught up with me. I said good-bye to three of them and even though I can't remember the boy's name , this is  one experience I'll cherish for ever. Its because of them that all my travelling fear and discomfort vanished and I call it as a Beautiful Future / Journey.


ammu said...

That's so sweet Mom. I hope Abi will live upto these expectations!

Pilani Pictures said...


Annu Swamy said...

Thank u Sunder. How r u all?

Navanithakrishnan said...

Dear Madam

Nice to see the writer in you!! Enjoyed seeing the pictures and looking forward to relish the mouth watering dishes!!!


Annu Swamy said...

Thanks a ton Col Krishnan. You have a better writer and a Master Chef at home.

Kalavathy Krishnan said...

Dear Annu, the great writer,
It's true that sometimes strangers are very caring and helpful. You had a good experience in the train that has kindled in you some nice feelings and expectations from Abi.
Thanks for the colorful and nutritious kids recipes. (Adult recipes made simpler and tastier?....?..)I shall ask Sangeetha to try all these for Pranav.


Annu Swamy said...

Thanks a lot Kala for such nice words. It really means a lot, especially from an excellent writer and culinary expert like you.I still remember reading the poems you wrote in CME weekly magazine! And for Sangeetha, who better than her mother to learn from! I still remember the wonderful delicacies you made for us in Delhi and Chennai! Even so, it would be my pleasure to be of any help to her.

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