Friday, 2 September 2016

Bravo !!!!

    We must warn the class teacher about his shyness on stage, I said. So that she can leave him out and choose somebody else. One fine day after coming back from school Abi sang something. I think he did that by mistake because he does not like to discuss his school activities at home. It really takes a lot of effort to find out how he spends his day there. After a lot of coaxing he said, they were taught  some song and dance steps. When I asked him which song, after much pondering he came out with half a sentence of the song, " mere pyareeeee......!".

    Since raksha bandhan was nearing, we thought that children may be doing some activity for the festival in the school and  this song may be connected to that. Next day we pestered him more and he reluctantly showed us a dance move, blushing and feeling so shy the whole time. So it was confirmed that Abi is taking part in some dance programme. This made us all nervous, because in his last 2 stage appearances, he looked so frightened and pretty much cried through the whole song, without moving one step! So I said we must warn the concerned teacher just to save her from disappointment.

     Meanwhile we received a note from the school that Abi is taking part in a dance item and it is only in house affair and they are not inviting anyone. After discussing all the pros and cons we decided not to tell the teacher anything and let Abi take part in the function and see if there is any change in him as this is only for kids. The D-day arrived. Abi was sent in home dress (jeans and t-shirt) as per the school's instructions. We waited for his school time to be over like over eager parents waiting for some entrance exam result.

    Finally the result was out.....Yes!!! He did it!!! That too on a stage without crying (though we could not see). His ma'am explained that he did hesitate a bit in the middle, and stopped. But with a bit of coaxing, he took his time and completed the song. Our joy knew no bounds.We congratulated the teacher for her effort and told her about Abi's previous performances. 

Bravo..... my child. Slowly but surely you are getting rid of your fear/ shyness. So proud of you!

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