Monday, 29 August 2016

Umpteenth Time...

   Planning, packing, moving to a new place, hunting for a house, unpacking, finding a good school, applying for admission, buying new uniform and books, preparing abi for the new environment, settling down and adjusting to everything new around you... phew! Have I left out anything?  This is what is happening with us right now. Our daughter has been transferred. Although, this is not something new for us as we have been doing this since 1979! With so much experience, one might think we should be able to move easily (as a few of my civilian friends used to say).  But believe me, we still find it difficult and tiring (apart from getting emotionally drained out) more so with age catching on. This, by the way, is the reason for the long gap since my last entry.

   I look back at the golden days (when I was much younger). Whenever hubby was posted to a new place, I used to be excited and look forward to meeting new people and making a new place our home. No school hunting was involved then as my daughter was in a boarding school. Of course parting with old friends was always difficult but we part with the hope of meeting again somewhere as Army is a small world.  But with time the excitement is all gone. I cannot figure out any single reason for that. 

   We are temporarily settled now, quite comfortably. The place is a little away from the city and Abi has to travel for about 25 minutes (one way) to school, which is the biggest disadvantage. The place has its own beauty, quiet, charm with hardly any noise pollution away from all the chaotic activities which one goes through in a city (typically old people' mentality!).The surrounding hillocks staring back at us when we stand in the balcony makes one realise how small is mankind in front nature's majestic beauty. Equally strong are the plants and trees trying to survive in the rocky terrain proves that they are the real fighters / survivors.. 

 For the time being, we are enjoying our stay in the campus surrounded by greenery and waiting, albeit halfheartedly, to move soon ... yet again.

View from our balcony

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