Monday, 5 September 2016

My most beautiful penstand!

     "Abi's real schooling has started", I said when he was asked  to bring an old CD and an invitation card. We were skeptical about Abi doing any art work except for colouring (he can mess with colours as much as he wants). He cannot sit and listen or follow any instruction/ guidance for more than 10 seconds, for he thinks he knows everything!! In fact within minutes of you trying to teach him something, he will turn around start trying to teach the same thing to YOU!

    We sent the CD and the card and waited to see what are they going make out of them. Meanwhile raksha bandhan came. He did not bring any craft work home, which surprised us because we thought those things were for making rakhi. We tried asking Abi what did they do with the CD and card. But as is his habit, he wouldn't say a word!

     Then PTM happened and we came to know that they are going to make something for janmashtami with that. Then the day before janmashtami, Abi brought a pen-stand made in school and said, "Happy janmashtami naani, I made this for keeping my pencils"! Kudos to his ma'am who has made them all and could make children like Abi do craft work. We tried to find out which part of the work Abi did in making the stand without much success. 

I am sure it is a lot more of ma'am's effort and less of the children. But in the process Abi has learnt so many things like using old things, following instructions, keeping pencils in a stand and most of all he was so happy to show us something that he made. This is the first time he has made something with the help of his teacher and brought it home. So precious. Now is the time I think that even I can sit and have fun doing these craft works with him.

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