Tuesday, 1 December 2015


      Back with a bang from a long holiday. All masti is over for both of us, that's me and Abi. He has been admitted to a new school in Cl-Nursery. Needless to mention that he is not at all happy going to school. Its a battle every morning:- waking him up, brushing/bathing, drinking milk and wearing the UNIFORM (he hates it). Once he is in the vehicle and away from our vision he is fine (or so we have been told).Everyday he decides who will come to school to pick him up whether its naanu or naani. If we do not follow it, the battle starts in the vehicle itself while returning. So much so for going to school.  The worst part is doing the written home-work... but I will save that story for some other time.

    I actually began this write up to show how much Abi likes to colour. But we elders always like to complain first about children. So first thing first. It was a Saturday afternoon. All three of us Abi, his mother and me were sitting and playing when his mother thought of donning her painting cap. After a lot of yeses and no's, she  decided to paint a lamp shade. So we took out one old worn-out table lamp shade and decided to make a painted cloth shade for it. After the stitching part was over she was about to start the painting, when Abi jumped over the paints and brushes screaming that he wanted to do it! So we let him play for some time and when he had fully drenched himself in the colours, we let him put his hand prints on the cloth to take his hand impression. 

   Surprisingly, a simple fun filled activity turned out to be so beautiful and the best part was watching Abi enjoying himself so much! His mother covered the lamp shade with it and now he proudly shows it off to everyone saying that has made this shade - one should see the sparkle in his eyes!

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