Monday, 7 December 2015


     We took admission for Abi in a nearby school so that he can reach school in time without travelling much (given all the early morning drama he creates to avoid going to school). The timings are 07:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m. I had requested the Principal to excuse Abi in case he comes late to school, explaining the morning scene at home, even though I would try to be punctual. He assured me that they are very liberal with nursery class children and are not very particular about timings for these tiny tots for dropping and picking up after school. I could send him a little late and take him home by noon or so. That relieved my tension. 

     A few days back, as Abi entered the school premises, the morning assembly was just getting over. His PTI Sir saw him and told him to come to school on time.  Bhaiya who goes to drop him came and told me this. So the next morning I woke up Abhi reminding him of what the PTI Sir had told him. You wont believe the repartee this 3 and a half year old gave - hold your breath! "Maine sir ko batadiya tha ki main aaunga hi nahin (I told sir that I will not come to school at all)". I was speechless. After pulling myself together, some how managed to pack him off to school in time. After reaching school, he went to meet the PTI sir and told him, " dekho...aaj main time se aa gaya". Now, isn't he the epitome of smartness?

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ammu said...

Of course he is the epitome of smartness!After all who's son is he!!!

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