Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Winter Blues

Winter is coming to a close. How can we let it go without playing with our needle & yarn.  I had been thinking of knitting something for Abi, of course. So the search for the colour & design began. Yes, I say search because we live in a place where you have only one shop which sells yarn. Selling is an overstatement for there is just a small shelf with yarn in a tiny corner of his shop. Here I don’t get to see people knitting or wearing hand knitted sweaters including children. Without much effort (or choice!)

I picked the colours and made this simple sweater for my li’l angel. He was happily wearing it and telling everyone “ye toh naani ne banaya hai”(naani made this). The best part was when “baiji” was taking the sweater for washing and he snatched it from her and refused to return it saying it was naani’s!  I know I cannot keep experimenting on him for long because one day he is going to grow up and say no to hand knitted sweaters. But at this moment my happiness knows no bounds.



1 comment:

ammu said...

So pretty!!!! Mere liye kab banaoge?

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