Thursday, 29 January 2015

Green thumb-Green garden

Our kitchen garden
   What can be healthier and tastier than the home grown vegetables ?  If u can pickle them, nothing like it. Even Times Life! carried an article 2 weeks back about the goodness of pickling and fermenting food. Indian food and pickles ZINDABAD!!!!! 

    After living in a multi-storey building for ages, I am living in an independent house with lots of space for gardening. Upon seeing the open space my long buried interest in gardening  raised its head. So I started the process of gardening-clearing, ploughing,manuring  sowing, watering  etc.
my size lauki

 I should not forget to mention the "monkey menace"! There are a lot of monkeys here. They are more health conscious than us. They love eating veggies - especially those from our garden! Abi enjoys shooing them away with his catapult every evening. Another  interesting thing is he has learnt most of the vegetables names without any difficulty. The most amazing part is he can even identify the plants. I find this amazing because when I was teaching in school, a student of cl V once asked  me, "ma'am from which tree do we get tomatoes?" Going back to Sec’bad days, one of our friends daughter who was in cl viii, came to our house to see and click a few snaps of brinjal plants. Such is the practical knowledge about plants of children these days. So you can imagine our joy when Abi identifies the vegetables and plants.In fact I think even my daughter won't be able to identify as many plants as Abi can!!

sambar shallots

 After months of hard work, we are reaping the benefits now. From my vegetable garden, I have got most of the seasonal (winter) vegetables. After sharing them with my friends and helpers, I had enough left to make some pickle also.I will post the recipe for the pickles later. For now, enjoy the photos of our lush green garden :)
tempting turnips

evergreen mint
coriander in bloom

cauliflower-cabbage collection

my collection!
green edition

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Anonymous said...

all the hardwork has paid off very well!!

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