Saturday, 16 April 2016

Miss you baby.....

      Just a few minutes back, the train left and we said bye to our li'l angel with a heavy heart. Back home, I find the house totally empty and deserted without my li'l one around. It's all soooo quiet that one can hear one's own breathing.

     When my daughter planned to go out for three days, I thought I will complete my pending household work without any disturbance. My woollens are not yet packed as we had lots of guests back to back (the long weekends). Saturdays are working for me and of course, the li'l one always wanting to help me in all my work. But I was wrong. I just do not feel like doing anything without him. Kuch bhi achha nahi lag raha hai. I do not know how to spend time without him.

     But I'm also happy for him because he is going to meet his 'dadu and dadi'. He just loves to travel. The news of him going to meet his grandparents was told to him yesterday. Since then he is so excited to go. We could make him do all his routine work saying, 'do this quickly otherwise you will get late for your journey' and he was so prompt in doing everything.

    As soon as he reached school, he went on announcing this news to one and all. The train was in the evening. So the whole day he kept asking, 'has the train come?' (train vandachha?) Even though he was excited the whole day, just before leaving he started saying 'you both also come with me' (neenga rendu perum vanga). We assured him that we will  join him next time. He happily hugged us and waved his tiny li'l hands and went. I'm sure he will enjoy his stay with his dadu and dadi and spread immense happiness there also. Already missing you baby.... Love you.

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