Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Learning to adjust

It's been awhile since we came to the new city and are still settling down. We elders are busy unpacking and getting some repair work done, while my daughter is busy with  her work and VVIP's visits, Abi seems to be lost in this utter confusion going around him. He has become more irritable and his eating habit has hit the rock bottom.Before leaving Bundi, he was very excited and went around telling people"naan vere oorukku pohiren" (we are going to a new place). He even helped in packing by bringing anything and everything he could lay his tiny hands on to pack! But after reaching here, he isnt liking it one bit..

I fail to understand what he does not like here. It's more spacious, he has rabbits to keep him company. He enjoys feeding them and playing with them. He gets to see so many birds and their nests. He loves watching them drink water and fills their water pots every morning. But once inside the house, he clings on to me or naanu more than usual and says "yeh hamara ghar nahi hai, babu wala ghar me chalo" (this is not our house, let us go to our house. People in Bundi used to call him babu, hence babu wala house). I told him that a new aunty has come to that house and we can not go there any more to stay, The smart little angel that he is, he says let us go to that aunty's house. Maybe it is the new faces that are around him are making him alien to this place or maybe he is missing the familiar ones he is so used to playing with everyday.. 

In a week's time things will be settled and  the house will start looking familiar to him. May be then  he can relate to things and get used to the new set up. Hope he settles down soon and befriends the people around him. Even though my li'l one does not speak out about "adjustment", I can see it very clearly that he is finding it very difficult to "adjust" to the new environment and more so, letting go of his very first friends in Bundi.. but this is only the beginning.. hope he becomes strong enough to cope with the many such changes which he will face in future as well.

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