Sunday, 15 February 2015

Today's harvest!

Today me and Abi had a field day. Since it was a holiday for him, he too enjoyed playing/working in the kitchen garden especially plucking "tammas"(tomatoes). Though he does not like any veg, some how he likes to eat raw "tamma" once in a while, that too garden fresh, chemical free "tammas". I'm glad something he eats without forcing. The "tammas" were so fresh that I was tempted to make this yummy chutney. So we went ahead and made it. Abi helped me in cutting them without the knife. It turned out so tasty that I thought of sharing it.
Above: ginger & chillies;
Below: chopped tomatoes, curry leaves
& ground ginger & chillies

Here comes the recipe.

Tangy tomato chutney


1.Tomatoes: 1 kg
2.Ginger: 100gms
3.Green chillies: 50 gms
4.Haldi powder: 1teaspoon 
5.Sugar: 1 teaspoon
6.Salt: To taste
7.Oil: 100gms
8.Mustard seeds: 1 1/2 teaspoon
9.A few curry leaves


1.Wash and chop the tomatoes.

2.Grind the ginger and green chillies together in a mixer without adding any water.

3. Heat oil in a sufficiently big kadai.Add mustard seeds.After it crackles, add curry leaves, fry for a few seconds then add the ginger-chilli paste. Saute for 2-3 minutes.

4.Add the tomatoes,salt and haldi. Mix them nicely. Cover and cook it for 15 minutes or till the tomatoes are well cooked, stirring occasionally.

5.Add sugar, cook for a few more minutes till the oil starts leaving the sides.

6.Cool and store it in a clean jar.

7.You can keep it outside for 15-20 days or store it in the fridge.

8.If you want to store like pickle, then add more oil while cooking so that it covers the chutney like in pickle.

9.It goes very well with plain rice & dal or puri/paranthas.


ammu said...

Super yum!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting my gas cylinder tomorrow...inaugural dish shall be Tamma Chutney !!!! heh heh

Annu Swamy said...

All the best!

Annu Swamy said...

All the best!

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